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Power Factor in 0.63 - More than 50,000 gourdes in penalties.

This particular client has experienced and increased bills from EDH and had realized that it was by penalties of power factor (it was at 0.63).

Before he met us, he did install a fix capacitor in each compressors and freezers, trying to increase the power factor and balance his reactive loads, but by his surprise the power factor was corrected but the consumption raises without control. 

With the fixed capacitors installed, they indeed corrected the power factor, but as soon as the reactive loads by any reason stopped, the capacitors became a load to the grid, raising the consumption of the bill.

We love the ingenuity of many people and love the DIY projects but you should always investigate the pro and cons. We at your service in any project you may have.

In this case we install an automatic power factor correction.

Automatic Bank of Capacitor - Power factor Correction

Which has 5 stages of bank of capacitors, depending the demand of reactive power of the building the bank will activate as many capacitors your load needs. Same way if the building has decrease the reactive loads, it will deactivate the number of capacitors not need it till it switch all off incase no demand need it. Protecting the installation of unneeded capacitor working without any reactive load. We are maintaining a power factor between 0.93 to 0.98 and they had a return of investment in less than 5 months.

This bank of capacitor is 75KVAR 208VAC 60Hz.

If you have any question please do not hesitate con reach us.

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