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Solar Panel Rack Thief Proof

This rack was meant to be thief-proof, but in this case, it studs on to the hardest test ever. It stood up to the strength of a category four Hurricane Matthew in Jan 2017. 

While the town of Les Cayes and the surrounding were devastated and the same building where it stands was losing all near roofs. The solar panels did not suffer any damage or loosed its position.

At the left we are installing the panels. At the right after the Hurricane all the roofs went down except the panels.

Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew, a category four storm - the most powerful Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade

Installation of the Solar Panels Rack in Les Cayes, Haiti.

We installed 16 CSUN 260 Watts Solar panels, consisting in two rows of 8 panels rack. Feeding with 4,160 Watts a FM80, charging a 600 AH Battery Bank for a Les Cayes branch of Top Tires, which is fully solar, works all compressors, elevators, Air Conditioners and the complete store.

If you have any question please do not hesitate con reach us.

Top Power Team